Is the question I’ve been living with and sitting within meditation from the beginning of this year. It is one of those questions that doesn’t have a specific answer as the question is one to live into. Like Rainer Maria Rilke wrote in Letters to a young poet “What matters is to live everything. Live the questions for now?

On this Valentine’s day what we celebrate love I thought I’ll share with you what emerged for me as I started to feel more intimately into the question: What is love?

  • Love is life. It is being present to life in all the ways that it is expressing itself as the expression of life is an act of love.
  • Love is being in the present moment. Allowing your whole being to be in this moment as it is right now not as you wish it to be. Whether you are feeling sad, lonely, joyful, judgemental,
    or uncomfortable doesn’t matter. All that matters is that you notice it and welcome it as this is your experience of love now.
  • Love is surrendering into presence. Leaning back into the comforting embrace of presence as you acknowledge the vulnerability and fragility of your own humanness.
  • Love is staying within the framework of the body amidst the pain. It is the commitment to stay and not dissociate or disconnect when you feel overwhelmed by emotions, sensations, or situations.
  • Love is unconditional truth and openness. It is not sacrificing or compromising in the pursuit to control fear.
  • Love is inclusive connection. Connecting with your own heart, body, spirit, soul and mind as well as those of others. Staying connected with all your senses and through that connecting to all of life (including the environment, animals, etc.).
  • Love is nature. It is your true nature. By allowing yourself to be a conduit for life, you bring your authenticity to life and serve love.
  • Love is not what you think it should be. Love is what it is – ever-changing and everlasting.
  • Love is being okay with not having an answer…

Rumi said, “ If you love love, look for yourself”. How does love want to express through you today?