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This is where you are welcome to access an easy choice of supportive material as part of your process of becoming and renewal. You may use it for further reflections and to encourage your state of mindfulness at whatever stage you find yourself on your journey to whole integration.


This is just the beginning of a podcast collection of useful mindfulness exercises, that promises to grow.

Morning Offering Poem by Gretha van der Merwe

This is a 10 minute guided meditation to relax and be more present as you connect to your body.

More to come…


Over the first 21 days of the most severe stage of the COVID 19 Lockdown in South Africa, I took the opportunity to share brief videos of my morning Cultivating Presence practice with others. These have turned out to be as relevant now as then and follow no sequence really. Each day’s inspiration and material was what it was. They are yours to explore.

You may also Read More here to see what material and readings came about naturally.

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DayTo cultivate presencePoemReflection
1Connect to your breath when you find yourself on unknown shores Don't despair, walk on by Haféz How can you walk on amidst the despair you might be sensing today?
2More embodied in your heart space by opening up to it and letting go of the inner battle.Love after Love by Derek WolcottHow can you create space to love who you are in this moment, to feast on your life and let go of the battle?
3Tune into the inner quiet and allow space for silenceKeeping Quiet by Pablo Neruda How can you keep on tuning into the inner quiet whilst doing your daily task today?
4Be open and keep on listening in times of uncertaintyHaving loved enough and lost enough by Mark NepoHow can you listen to yourself and others in an open way today?
5Allow gravity to support you and surrender tension in the bodyHow surely Gravity’s law by Rainer Maria RilkeWhat are the things that you need to let go of and trust that gravity will hold it?
6Loving-kindness for ourselves and othersGate 22 by Elen BassHow can you when you engage with others today share your love with them, by looking at others like their mother would have looked at them as if they were the first gift on this earth?
7Have a daily practice that cultivates your deeper connection to life The sunrise ruby by RumiWhat is the practice you commit to, to cultivate your deeper connection to life?
8Come home to the momentFor Presence by John O' DonohueHow can you experience today as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder?
9Live close to your truth and keep on seeking what it is in order to be present to the moment as it unfolds and respond to it in your unique way.All the True Vows by David WhyteWhat is it that your own voice would like to say today?
10Accept that you are not in control and can’t control life Allow by Danna FauldsHow can you allow yourself to let it all in today without resisting?
11Commit what you want to cultivate and set your intentionI will not die and unlived life by Dawna MarkovaWhat is it that you want to commit to?
12Compassion for others and realising we are all oneThe Praying Mantis by Mary OliverHow can you treat others differently and compassionately today, by knowing he/she is a fellow human being just like you?
13Sit in and be with the not-knowingThe Real Work by Wendell BarryHow can you allow yourself to be with the not -knowing so that your real work can reveal itself?
14Keep a joyful mind amidst the pain. Our joy does not diminish the pain, it dignifies it.A brief for the Defense by Jack GilbertHow can you risk delight today?
15Face your own brokenness and humanness"Christ of the burnt men" by Sheila CussonsHow can you allow space today to just sit and be with your own broken humanness?
16Stay connected to the present moment as you are while you are doing ordinary daily tasksWhat the living do by Marie HoweHow can you stay connected to your inner aliveness today?
17Let go of the old questions that does not serve you anymore and keep you from living from a space of loveThe Answer by Ronald S. ThomasWhat old questions do you need to let go of today so that you can be more with yourself and others from a space of love?
18Knowing when it is time to act and discern what the appropriate action is for the momentThe Rising by Ian McCallumWhere in your life are your soul asking you, with a holy rage, to rise up?
19Allow yourself to feel lost and be found againLost by David WagonerHow can you allow yourself to be found anew today?
20Include others with various perspectives on lifeIn my Soul by Rabia How can you live from a space of gratitude today for the diversity of all beings?
21Dance with life in the momentThe Dance by Oriah Mountain DreamerHow can you dance with life amidst the uncertainty?

Embody your purpose meaningfully

In this video we reflect on questions such as - What is my purpose? Where do I find meaning in life? What is embodiment? - from an Integral coaching perspective.


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